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Have you ever felt that your life has a higher purpose? That the world is more than you were taught at school? Have you ever been touched by the beauty of the miracles of the world? Have you ever felt infinite? Have you ever been in a state of complete and utter peace and calmness? Do you have a feeling that life is more than you know of now? Are you successful in your life, your career, yet you are still not completely happy because you feel like something is missing?

If you have never felt anything like that, and you’re only here out of curiosity, you might not find what you are looking for. 


Our school is open for those who would like to help other people, who are successful in their own lives, who have reached their goals, but there is also a desire in their hearts to truly help others.


We teach the Usui spiritual healing method at the Usui Dentō Ryū School. The fundamental principle of our school is that we follow the guidelines of the founder of the method, Master Usui. We have returned to the roots.

Because this is a practical method and there is no place for any belief systems to be involved, it cannot be described in writing. The results speak for themselves: almost two thousand people who have received regular treatments from the healers of our school have been healed so far. 


We learned the basics and practices of the method in Japan between 2007 and 2016 on several occasions. Our Japanese teachers and the guidelines we received guided us step by step through our journey, and this is the way we guide our students, too.

Our organization is international; the courses are available in English, Esperanto, Italian, Spanish and German languages.




The classes are small and there are one-to-one teachings as well. The teacher closely follows each student’s progress. Everyone learns at their own pace; the students can move to upper level learning groups if their learning pace is faster, or stay in their group longer and take their time to practice.

There are 6 levels in total, 2 of which end with an exam. The students can learn everything from the basics up to the Chuden level, and finish their studies by taking a final practical exam. After that their paths are individual.

The teachings take place where the teachers live and treat patients. After learning the basics, you can work together with the teachers while learning from them.



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