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In the Usui Dento Ryu training we will teach the Japanese Usui Reiki, which is free from those changes

that characterize the Hayashi-Takata branch.

Have you ever felt that your life has a higher purpose? That the world is more than you were taught at school? Have you ever been touched by the beauty of the miracles of the world? Have you ever felt infinite? Have you ever been in a state of complete and utter peace and calmness? Do you have a feeling that life is more than you know of now? Are you successful in your life, your career, yet you are still not completely happy because you feel like something is missing?


If you have never felt anything like that, and you’re only here out of curiosity, you might not find what you are looking for.

Our school is open for those who would like to help other people, who are successful in their own lives, who have reached their goals, but there is also a desire in their hearts to truly help others.

We teach the Usui spiritual healing method at the Usui Dentō Ryū School. The fundamental principle of our school is that we follow the guidelines of the founder of the method, Master Usui. We have returned to the roots.

Because this is a practical method and there is no place for any belief systems to be involved, it cannot be described in writing. The results speak for themselves: almost two thousand people who have received regular treatments from the healers of our school have been healed so far.



We learned the basics and practices of the method in Japan between 2007 and 2016 on several occasions. Our Japanese teachers and the guidelines we received guided us step by step through our journey, and this is the way we guide our students, too.

We are not an ordinary Reiki school. While the seminar-like education system is the common way of teaching in Western Reiki schools, in our school only the basic introductory course can be completed at training seminars, outside of our training centers (aka dojos).

Reaching the next levels is only possible in our dojos, where the teachings and attunements are strictly given to the students practicing together in small groups. All of our teachers are experienced healers, and during their stay in Japan they all obtained authorization for teaching.



The practices and exercises are the same in all of our dojos. If a student needs to take a break from practicing, he or she can rejoin our school even years later. We have a register of each practitioner’s acquired techniques, so the students can pick up where they left off.

Our training is 90% practical and only 10% theoretical. We don’t teach with words; our goal is to help the practitioners to gain experience. Everyone can improve at their own pace. After reaching a certain level, students can move to a more advanced group and continue practicing there.



There used to be only one teacher in our school who trained ten professional healers over the past ten years. Now that we have three teachers, we hope that in our dojos we can train many more professional spiritual healers. Those practitioners who are skilled at the practices can be given the opportunity to assist our healers in treating patients.

Completing the course, one becomes a therapist and can transfer to the Jinjutsu Do training, which is the highest level in our school. Only the professional healers and teachers are part of this inner circle. Here the training continues within the frames of the traditional master-disciple relationship, which is a very rare form of teaching nowadays.


What have we changed in Master Usui’s method?

We haven’t changed anything in the method. Moreover, we returned to the traditional way of practicing regularly in dojos. One main change that happened naturally throughout the history of Reiki is that when Master Usui was alive, there were far fewer practices than what is being taught today at the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (the school founded by Master Usui in 1922). Since Master Usui’s passing, over the past almost 100 years, other masters of the Gakkai have extended the range of practices.

At Master Usui’s time, most of the practices of the Japanese system were taught at the beginning, all at the same time. The exceptions were the Okuden practices, which he taught only to his disciples. Teacher Dae Chong, the founding teacher of our school divided the traditional practices into different groups: there are preparatory practices, in which the practitioners need to immerse themselves before they can continue their studies. These are then followed by other important practices even at the lower levels.

Master Usui’s students used to receive their kyū ranks based on how strongly the life energy flowed out of their palms, which Master Usui was able to assess. Teacher Dae Chong introduced a system where there are certain practices to be acquired for each kyū level, so the learning and the improvement of the practitioners are progressive. Since the number of practices is significantly higher than it used to be, according to our experience this change proved to be favorable. These are all the changes Teacher Dae Chong made in the system based on the intuitive messages he received. The whole process took six years; he tried several versions of the teaching system at the local communities in Europe until he found the most suitable one. The practicing has been based on this system for years now.



Our organization is international; the courses are available in English, Spanish and Esperanto languages.


The classes are small and there are one-to-one teachings as well. The teacher closely follows each student’s progress. Everyone learns at their own pace; the students can move to upper level learning groups if their learning pace is faster, or stay in their group longer and take their time to practice.

There are 6 levels in total, 2 of which end with an exam. The students can learn everything from the basics up to the Chuden level, and finish their studies by taking a final practical exam. After that their paths are individual.

The teachings take place where the teachers live and treat patients. After learning the basics, you can work together with the teachers while learning from them.

Teacher Dae Chong, the founder of the school
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